You have always heard about the dogs and their faithfulness to humans. But have you ever heard about the highly trained dogs of Army Dog Center serving a soldier on four legs and carrying out their jobs???

 Yes! It sounds amazing that military dogs are considered soldiers that are used for military aims because of their intelligence and loyalty. These dogs are used for multiple purposes and are proved really effective in the soldierly and wars.

This article is aimed to tell you some of the interesting facts about these army dogs. We will discuss the jobs that these dogs perform and how they get proper training in order to become a soldier.

History of dogs used in Army:

 We all know that animals have long been used in combat to promote morale and engage in communications or espionage. Pigeons, bats, sea lions, insects, cats, dolphins, chickens, pigs, camels, rats, horses, and even elephants have all been employed at one time or another. Some of these animals are still utilized in the army across the world today, but the dog, man’s closest friend, has served the longest. Dogs are great tools for troops navigating difficult and unpredictable conflict zones because of their enhanced senses and unwavering devotion. Dogs have always been considered brave and loyal creatures. Dogs possess extraordinary capabilities and are preferred by armed forces because of their intelligence, power, loyalty, cleverness, and aggressive nature. They have the guts to find and attack their enemy. These dogs are capable of fulfilling the roles that have been assigned to them. Fighting, transportation, and location, keeping morale high, detection and tracking, scouting, and acting as sentries are all functions that these dogs play on and off the field. These dogs are great assets and are used for Tracking, explosive detection, patrol, search, and rescue, and their labor is priceless.

How dogs are being chosen for Army?

You might think that all the dogs have such capabilities and they could be the part of the army and perform as a soldier? The answer is No. because not all dog breeds are suited to these tasks. A Chihuahua, for example, is just too little to do some activities. German Shepherds, Belgian Milionis, and Retrievers are the most often employed breeds in the military today due to their loyalty, obedience, loving nature, and strong bite. They must also be physically fit and healthy, with no physical constraints.

How Dogs are trained and prepared for Army:

The most crucial thing after selection is training. You may be unaware of how these canines are prepared and taught to serve you. However, if you understand the true hardship that lies behind the scenes, you will respect their efforts. Teaching a dog to sit, heel, and rollover is one thing. It’s quite another thing to teach a dog not to bark in a battle situation, as this may disclose your location to the enemy. However, before they can go on to more complex, army service,  dogs must understand the fundamental instructions being taught.

The job of taking a dog on this journey falls to someone known as a handler. A dog and his handler would spend a week getting to know each other after they were matched up. Formal obedience training would commence after the dog was familiar with his buddy and the new routine. During this phase, dogs were taught to respond to basic vocal orders as well as hand gestures. Handlers would also work with their animals to stop them from barking, which would be necessary for fighting circumstances. A once-week demolition exercise in which dogs were exposed to small arms fire, as well as explosive shells, was the final component of basic training. Some of those who did progress to more extensive training and the chance to gain specific abilities. Many people learned how to be sentinels. Others learned how to be scouts or detect mines and explosives. In short, they are trained for specific roles and responsibilities for which they are most suitable.

Some facts about Army Dog center:

Army Dog center is one of the best institutes that has such highly trained dogs. It is aimed to assist you in the event of a crisis, burglary, murder, capture, or any other situation. It is always there to provide you with its help, when someone has been apprehended, a robbery has occurred, or homicide has occurred. Its main goal is to assist you in assessing, acknowledging, and locating crimes or wrongdoings in order to maintain a peaceful environment in the public sphere and to protect residents from dangerous situations by tracking down proof and apprehending the guilty party.

Some facts about Army Dogs:

Its trained Khoji dogs with special capabilities, training, and role are always ready to deal with any kind of incident like Murder, Robbery, Theft, Kidnapping, Drugs Smuggling, Tracking, and Explosive detection, Bomb Disposal, Rescue, Attack, Patrol and Search.

Regardless of homicide, theft, seizure, or any other incident, you might use these trained canines and their special talents and qualities to hunt for proof and indications. They have received extensive training for certain roles. They have incredible powers and a keen sense of smell that allows them to track down explosives before they explode; these dogs are trained to detect disintegration and can easily locate body parts, bones, blood, and tissues. Drug Dogs have a robust ready system that allows them to detect the presence of pharmaceuticals by smell. As a result, they are regarded as a vital component of the military.

Final Thoughts:

We hope this article has enabled you to understand the importance of dogs and their roles and responsibilities. You now understand how important they are in the military. They have abilities and instincts, and the military is the ideal location for them to put those skills and instincts to use.

If you want your society to be crime-free and peaceful then you have to consider the services that are being provided by such centers. You have to play your part by informing your nearby army dog center about the suspicious activities that are taking place in your community.

We all are responsible for making this country worth living!