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This article introduces the features of the highly intelligent and smart dog Border Collie.

Considered the smartest breed in the world, these dogs are extremely easy to train and are ideal for sports such as competition and dog agility, wanting to learn. Border collie or Scottish sheepdogs are great breeds with many skills and qualities.  Border collie

Physical Characteristics of Border collie

 Border collies are immediately recognizable. It is extremely agile and has the best form for exercising, jumping, and running around. Men are usually around 53 cm tall, but women tend to be as small as 50 cm. It weighs up to 20 kg and the silhouette is stretched and dynamic.  This breed is offered in a variety of coat colors, including markings. Common patterns are black and white, brown and white, black and tan, chocolate, red, or merle. There are two types of border collies. Long-haired standard border collies are the most common and popular type, with a double coat and long hair falling on both sides of the body. Another variation is the short-haired border collie. This is very rare, but the hair is short but still thick and perfect for withstanding the cold.  Occasionally, Border Collie shows heterochromia. This usually means having unusually colored eyes of brown and blue.  This variety has other recognizable physical characteristics, such as muscular legs that tend to move and the tip of a constantly white tail. Their ears can be dropped, semi-erected, or upright.

Temperament of Border collie

  Border collies aren’t that big, but they’re suitable for homes with gardens. Modern border collies are very lively and restless, as some of their ancestors were diligent and energetic dogs. This variety is recommended for young adults with time and energy-Border Collies are great for those who are passionate about outdoor sports but also need owners who are mentally stimulated and have the stamina to match. is. With the right human companion, the Border collie grows into an obedient, wise, and orderly friend who is always having a good time.  Unlike other quiet varieties, Border Collies take a lot of time and dedication. Otherwise, they become nervous, anxious, active, and even destructive. It can also bark excessively. Negative behavior is the result of stress that occurs when you are unable to release energy or are bored.  These are very loyal dogs. You observe everything around you. Their curiosity and intellect help them learn when you are in pain, sadness, joy, or excitement, and they guide you through every mood. They are calm and ready to rejoice, but will not be open to strangers unless you see them doing the same.

Interesting Facts about Border collie:

Border Collie comes from England and Scotland

 The relatively new sheep and domestic dog, the Border collie, was named after this breed because it originally evolved on the border between England and Scotland. In the 19th century, local farmers raised sheepdogs, the ancestors of modern Border Collies.

Border Collie is considered to be the best herding dog breed

 Border collies are suitable for a variety of jobs and professions, but are essentially shepherds. Even today, Border Collies are regularly used as shepherds, and many people often participate in pastoral competitions. Herd instincts are so innate and so strong against breeds that some Border collie owners may borrow or buy sheep just to allow their dogs to give in. is known.

Border Collie is also the most intelligent of all varieties

 In our culture, physical fitness and intelligence are often regarded as conflicting attributes, but in Border collie, the two are inextricably linked. Border collies are considered the smartest breed of dog, and their intelligence requires work on specific tasks. Border Collies are always hungry for a flock of sheep, take skill classes, or just play fetch. Border Collies are happy as long as they have a mentally stimulating “work”.

Border Collie has a lot more work than grazing

 Border Collies were born as nomads, but their intellect, motivation, and enthusiasm to please them mean that people make good use of Border Collies in a variety of other roles. They make excellent therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, and rescue dogs for seizures and other emergencies.

All border collies can follow their line to dogs

The father of all Border Collies is Old Hemp Who lived from 1893 to 1901. Old hemp began grazing sheep at the age of six weeks. Not only did he show a supernatural talent in his work, but he also had a unique style of grazing sheep that was much quieter and less aggressive than other sheepdogs, without sacrificing effectiveness. rice field. His skills and temperament influenced the creation and codification of Border collie varieties.


Border collie breeds contain all the characteristics needed for an ideal military dog to serve the country. The Army Dog Center is excited to have this outstanding four-legged soldier on the list of highly trained and clever dogs. They are trained by professionals to acquire the talent needed to carry out their duties. These dogs do more than just use intelligence, agility, and work ethic to herd other animals. Border Collies are also incredibly effective search and rescue dogs.

ARMY DOG CENTER takes pride in all of its well-trained dogs to assist the country in the event of an emergency, murder, theft, robbery, or serious emergency.